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Angel Shoe - Pampili
Angel Shoe - Pampili
Angel Shoe - Pampili
Rubber sole - Angel Shoe - Pampili
Angel Shoe - Pampili
Soft textile lining - Angel Shoe - Pampili

Angel White Leather



The Angel White Leather stands out with the classic pearls and easy clasp buckle. Pampili brings all the comfort and delicacy of a shoes for more special occasions, the rich details make it a jewel for girls' feet.

Because of high gloss and special finish, metallic and varnished footwear may have marks during its manufacture and / or variation in coloration according to the piece, which tend to increase over time. Therefore, this type of product needs special care:

  • Avoid friction, which causes scratches, scaling and scratches, heat, which reduces the brightness of the part, making it frosted, and friction, which causes excessive wear and can leave it whitish;
  • For cleaning and maintenance, it is recommended to use a lightly moistened cotton cloth, making gentle movements.

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