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11 tips to keep your shoes looking brand new

Written by Viviane Pina


Posted on December 07 2019

1. Invest in good quality shoes

  • the best way to make almost anything last is by investing in quality.

2. spray leather and suede shoes with a water protector


  • there are loads of sprays out there that can prevent water damage.

3. Use wooden shoe trees


  • shoe trees keep your leather shoes from creasing or shrinking.

4. you can also stuff them with newspaper

  • if you don't want to spend a lot of money on shoe trees for your shoes, you can also stuff them with newspaper

5. keep your shoes in dust bags


  • most shoes come with dust bags but if your shoes didn't come with one...pillowcases will do the trick.

6.keep them in dry places! 

  • moisture is one of your worst enemies when it comes to shoes. you could also invest in a moisture catcher. 

7. replace the soles every once in a while.

  • if you don't replace your soles when they start looking old, the damage could end up unfixable!

8. reinforce outsoles with sole protectors and heel plates

  • they also really help as a way to prevent slipping.

9. Use shoe glues for repair

  • when fixing broken shoes use glues specifically made for shoes like shoe goo instead of super glue.

10. Don't use a washing machine!

  • don't ever wash your shoes in a washing machine.

11. apply moisturizer to leather shoes

  • moisturizers for leather shoes are great to prevent cracking